Преподавание дисциплины «Тестирование и верификация программного обеспечения» будущим программистам

Teaching the Discipline "Software Testing and Verification" to Future Programmers

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An introduction to the study of quality assurance methods is essential to understand the development of complex and reliable software. Nevertheless, the modern software industry requires the earliest possible launch of a product to the market, and the methods of formal specification and verification of programs do not find much interest among the broad mass of future programmers. In this article, the author proposes to organize a dedicated discipline and conduct seamless training in testing, test-driven development and formal verification using various methods for writing program specifications and using software tools for program checking. The purpose of discussing discipline is to redefine the attitude of future developers towards software quality, its specification and automatic checking. Within the framework of this article, the author considers his own discipline, which combines two courses -- software testing and formal verification. The proposed approach of teaching is primarily practice-oriented and includes teamwork. In accordance with the current curriculum, the discipline is held in the last semester for undergraduate students (4th course). The material of the article is based on the author's five-year experience of teaching the subject to students of the Software Engineering specialty. The article offers rather voluminous and descriptive examples of specifications and programs in model languages.