Метод верификации параллельного и распределенного программного обеспечения на C# путем проведения трансформации абстрактного синтаксического дерева Roslyn в модель на Promela

A Method to Verify Parallel and Distributed Software in C# by Doing Roslyn AST Transformation to a Promela Model

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In this paper, we describe an approach to formal verification of parallel and distributive programs in C#. We use Microsoft Roslyn technique to get syntax and semantic information about interesting constructions in the real source code to generate some corresponding code in Promela language, designed to model actor-based interoperation systems, so we do a program-to-model transformation. Then, we verify the usual problems of parallel and distributive code by checking pre-defined LTL formulas for the model program. We are able to provide checking of data races, improper locking usage, possible deadlocks in distributive service interoperations using the Model Checking approach. This method can be used to construct a static analyzer for the .NET platform.