Вычисления на сетях Слепцова

Computations on Sleptsov Nets

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A review of the works that form the theoretical foundations of computation on Sleptsov nets and represent peculiarities of the drawing, compilation and linking of programs in the Sleptsov nets language, as well as massively parallel computing memory architectures for implementation of Sleptsov net processors is presented. The Petri net runs exponentially slower and represents a special case of the Sleptsov net. A universal Sleptsov net containing 13 places and 26 transitions is considered, which is a prototype of the Sleptsov net processor. Examples of programs in the Sleptsov nets language for efficient multiplication, RSA encryption / decryption, calculation of a fuzzy logic function, and solution of the Laplace equation are shown. The advantages of computations on Sleptsov nets are: visual graphical language, preserving the natural parallelism of domain, fine granulation of parallel computations, formal methods for parallel programs verification, and fast massively parallel architectures that implement the computation model.
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