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Ахмадеева Ирина Равильевна
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А.Г. Марчук

Dear colleagues,

I’m pleased to present to you our new electronic journal, System Informatics.

Since 1991, our research institute has been publishing the System of Informatics series, which contains surveys and basic research works by Russian and foreign authors covering various aspects of computer science, programming and information technologies. The series has gained popularity with a broad range of specialists including programmers, engineers and mathematicians.

The electronic journal is designed to complement this series by providing prompt publishing of the most recent achievements in these research areas.

Alexander G. Marchuk,
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics,
Director, Institute of Informatics Systems, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences

Current Issue (# 8, 2016)

System Informatics, 2016, # 8

In the paper we describe a verification method for families of distributed systems generated by context-sensitive network grammar of a special kind. The method is based on model checking technique and abstraction. A representative model depends on a specification grammar for family of systems. This...
Today the common practice of industrial automation is characterized by the following: generally the testing of control algorithms starts only when you run the software on a new facility. As a result the testing of the algorithm is postponed until the start-and-adjustment works begin. The readiness...
Developing temporal requirements to distributed program systems an engineer should determine and systemize event sequences caused by system processes interleaving. A number of such sequences grow exponentially that makes the requirement development procedure nontrivial. This is why engineers...
The paper is dedicated to the specification of the structure and the behavior of software libraries. It describes the existing problems of libraries specifications. A brief overview of the research field concerned with formalizing the specification of libraries and library functions is presented....
A class of information systems considered in this paper is defined as follows: a system belongs to the class if its change can be caused by both its environment and factors inside the system, and there is an information transfer from it to its environment and from its environment to it. Two...
In this paper we consider a procedure of parallel composition construction of Timed Finite State Machines (TFSMs) using BALM-II and suggest different ways of getting linear functions that describe a set of output delays. Our research consists of three steps: at first step we consider composition of...