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Евтушенко Нина Владимировна
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А.Г. Марчук

Dear colleagues,

I’m pleased to present to you our new electronic journal, System Informatics.

Since 1991, our research institute has been publishing the System of Informatics series, which contains surveys and basic research works by Russian and foreign authors covering various aspects of computer science, programming and information technologies. The series has gained popularity with a broad range of specialists including programmers, engineers and mathematicians.

The electronic journal is designed to complement this series by providing prompt publishing of the most recent achievements in these research areas.

Alexander G. Marchuk,
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics,
Director, Institute of Informatics Systems, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences

Current Issue (# 9, 2017)

System Informatics, 2017, # 9

The AVL-tree operators are usually presented in functional languages in compact and elegant stile. However functional programs for insertion and removal operators are ineffective. They implement the construction of new tree but not the modification of the source tree. The paper describes the...
The relations of compatibility, consistency and identity are used to describe the semantics of the predicate programming language P. Recursive types are defined with the smallest fixed point. A generic type is described by a set of constraints. For expressions of duck type, the rules to define...