Instruction for the authors

Instruction for the authors of "System informatics":

  1. The author sends to the Editors a letter (it can be empty) with his/her paper attached. The paper shall be prepared according to the sample in doc and pdf or in tex and pdf formats. The letter with the subject "Application" shall be sent to the electronic address
  2. The Editors will advise the author of the receipt of the paper within three working days.
  3. Having received a paper from an author, the Editors forward it for review to an Editorial Board member engaged in a respective research area.
  4. Within two months the reviewer gives his/her opinion as to the appropriateness of publishing the paper.
  5. The Editors notify the author of the reviewer’s opinion by electronic mail.
  6. In the event of a positive opinion, the author sends to the Editors author’s card, and the paper card.
  7. In case the reviewer has made some comments, the paper can be returned to the author for revision. After the paper has been revised, it is reviewed again. In the event of the reviewer’s negative opinion, the paper is not accepted for publication.
  8. After the paper has been edited and prepared for publication, its final version is sent to the author by electronic mail for approval.
  9. After the paper has been approved by the author, the paper is put on the queue of papers ready for publication. The author is notified of the publication of his/her paper.
  10. The author can send his/her queries and suggestions to, with the letter subject "Queries and suggestions".